Scope and Topics

The planned sessions will comprise the following topics

  • UAS and Photogrammetry

  • UVS navigation and position/orientation determination in outdoor and indoor environments

  • UAS as a tool for remote sensing instrument prototyping

  • UAS as a tool for teaching all aspects of photogrammetry & remote sensing

  • Comparison studies of UAS

  • 3D-Point Cloud and DEM

  • Sensor Fusion

  • Image and data fusion

  • Technology Challenges

  • UAS Testbeds

  • UAS-Applications (Agriculture, Biology, Cultural Heritage, Emergency management, Environmental Sciences, Forestry, Geosciences, Technical sciences, Traffic monitoring. ...)

  • Cooperative UAS Systems

  • Vision aided navigation and control

  • Vision based environmental perception and obstacle avoidance

  • Guidance, Navigation, Control

  • Mission Payload and Augmenting Sensors

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