Presentations Wednesday 4.9.2013


UAS for Cadastral Applications

Session chair: Costas Armenakis

Real Time Photogrammetry

Session chair:  Danilo Schneider

UAS and direct georeferencing

Session chair:  Ismael Colomina

Michael Cramer

Stuttgart University, Germany

On the use of RPAS in national mapping - the EuroSDR point of view

Florian Burkert, F. Fraundorfer

Technical University of Munich, Germany

UAV-based monitoring of pedestrian groups

F. Chiabrando, A. Lingua, Marco Piras

Politecnico di Torino, Italy

Direct photogrammetry using UAV: tests and first results

M. Rijsdijk, W.H.M. van Hinsbergh, W. Witteveen, G.H.M. ten Buuren, G.A. Schakelaar, G. Poppinga, Mark van Persie, R. Ladiges

M. Rijsdijk Kadaster, Netherlands

Unmanned aerial systems in the process of juridical verification of cadastral borders

Holger Fritze, S. Walter, T. Prinz

University of Muenster, Germany

Facilitating UAS-based oblique imagery to support Urban Search and Rescue Operations

Daniel Bender, M. Schikora, J. Sturm, D. Cremers

Fraunhofer FKIE, Germany

A Graph Based Bundle Adjustment for INS-Camera Calibration

Mónica Pérez, Sáiz, J. J. Ruiz, L. Diaz-Mas, A. Viguria

Center for Advanced Aerospace Technologies, Spain

Low cost surveying using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Johannes Schneider, Wolfgang Förstner

University of Bonn, Germany

Incremental Real-time Bundle Adjustment for Multi-camera Systems with Points at Infinity

M. Bäumker, Heinz-Jürgen Przybilla, A. Zurhorst

Bochum University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Enhancements in UAV Flight Control and Sensor Orientation

Henri Eisenbeiss

Land Surveying Office Winterthur, Switzerland

Evaluation of UAV-based orthoimages for the use in cadastral mapping

Jinling Wang

University of New South Wales, Australia

Online Quality Monitoring for Rapid UAV Mapping

Martin Rehak, Romain Mabillard, Jan Skaloud

Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland

A Micro-UAV with the Capability of Direct Georeferencing

UAS for Geosciences

Session chair: Charles Toth

UAS Imaging Sensors

Session chair: Arko Lucieer

UAS navigation and position/ orientation determination

Session chair: Friedrich Fraundorfer

Dirk Holz, Matthias Nieuwenhuisen, David Droeschel, Sven Behnke

University of Bonn, Germany

Towards autonomous 3D navigation of UAVs in restricted spaces

Ralf Gehrke, A. Greiwe

University of Applied Sciences Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Multispectral Image Capturing with Foveon Sensors

Reiner Jäger, Jan Zwiener

Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences, Germany

High precise GNSS/MEMS multisensor navigation of UAV including the georeferencing of cameras and other sensors

V. Baiocchi, D. Dominici, M.V. Milone, Martina Mormile

Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

UAV application in post seismic environment

Irmgard Runkel     


Processing, Cataloguing and Distribution of UAS Images in near real time

David Droeschel, Michael Schreiber, Sven Behnke

University of Bonn, Germany

Omnidirectional Perception for Lightweight UAVs Using a Continuous Rotating Laser Scanner

Stefania Amici

Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, Italy

Volcanic environments monitoring by drones mud volcano case study

Antti Mäkeläinen

MosaicMill, Finland

2D Hyperspectral Frame Imager Camera Data in Photogrammetric Mosaicking

Meng Lun Tsai, K. W. Chiang, C. F. Lo, C. H. Chu

National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan

The Performance Analysis of a UAV Based MMS Platform

Johannes B. Stoll

Mobile Geophysical Technologies, Germany

Unmanned aircraft systems for rapid near surface geophysical measurements

Bavo Delauré

Vision on Technology, Belgium

The development of a family of lightweight and wide swath UAV camera systems around an innovative dual-sensor on-single-chip detector

Christian Eling, L. Klingbeil, H. Kuhlmann

University of Bonn, Germany

A precise position and attitude determination system for lightweight unmanned aerial vehicles

UAS for Meteorology

Session chair: Rune Storvold

UAS-Multispectral/multitemporal imaging

Session chair: Dorata Grejner-Brzezinska

Obstacle avoidance and cooperative UAS Systems

Session chair: Jörg Dittrich

Barbara Altstädter, Astrid Lampert, A. Scholtz, J. Bange, A. Platis, M. Hermann, B. Wehner

Braunschweig University of Technology, Germany

Aerosol Variability observed with RPAS

Katharina Pech, Nadine Stelling, P. Karrasch, H.-G. Maas

Dresden University of Technology, Germany

Generation of multitemporal thermal orthophotos from UAV data


Jürgen Sturm, E. Bylow, C. Kerl, F. Kahl, D. Cremers

Technical University of Munich, Germany

Dense Tracking and Mapping with a Quadrocopter

Michael Gausa, Torbjørn Houge, Burkhard Wrenger

Andøya Rocket Range, Norway

The future application of fixed and rotary wing systems in Atmospheric Chemistry. Overview, motivation and plans for first investigations in a pilot project

J. Araújo, Tiago Hormigo

Spin.Works, Portugal

A Micro-UAV System for Forest Management


Matthias Nieuwenhuisen, Mark Schadler, Sven Behnke

University of Bonn, Germany

Predictive Potential Field-based Collision Avoidance for Multicopters

Burkhart Wrenger, Jens Dünnermann, Norman Wildmann, Jens Bange, Torbjørn Houge, Michael Gausa

University of Applied Sciences Ostwestfalen-Lippe, Germany

Meteorological Data Acquisition System AMOC and Multicopter Applications

Teemu Hakala, E. Honkavaara, H. Saari, J. Mäkynen, J. Kaivosoja, L. Pesonen, I. Pölönen, H. Salo

Department of Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry, Finland

Stereoscopic spectral imaging from UAVs for environmental remote sensing

Stefan Nowak, T. Krüger, J. Matthaei, P. Hecker

Braunschweig University of Technology, Germany

Martian Swarm Exploration and Mapping using Laser SLAM

Norbert Haala, Mathias Rothermel

Stuttgart University, Germany

Dense Multiple Stereo Matching of Highly Overlapping UAV Imagery

Axel Buettner, H.-P. Roeser

University of Stuttgart, Germany

Hyperspectral remote sensing with the UAS "Stuttgarter Adler" - challenges, experiences and first results

Thomas Krüger, S. Nowak, J. Matthaei, P. Hecker

Braunschweig University of Technology, Germany

Single-Layer Laser Scanner for Detection and Localization of Unmanned Swarm Members


Presentations Friday 6.9.2013


09:00 - 09:40

Keynote II - Prof. Dr. Christian Wietfeld - Communication-aware Service Platform for Collaborative UAV applications

UAS for Environmental Sciences

Session chair: Hans-Peter Thamm

UAS and Photogrammetry

Session chair: Henri Eisenbeiss

Sensor Fusion

Session chair: Markus Gerke

Dimitrios Skarlatos, S. Kiparissi, S. Theodoridou

Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus

The use of UAV for direct orthophoto generation from color point clouds over archaeological sites

Steve Harwin

University of Tasmania, Australia

An investigation into the contribution of oblique photography inclusion in a UAV-MVS 3D reconstruction

Boris Jutzi, M. Weinmann, P. Solbrig, D. Bulatov, P. Wernerus, J. Meidow, S. Hinz

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

Improved UAV-borne 3D Mapping by Fusing Optical and Laserscanner Data

Andrew Fletcher

University of Queensland, Australia

Rehabilitation closure criteria assessment using high resolution photogrammetrically derived surface models

Paudie Barry, Ross Coakley, Tony Barry

Baseline Surveys, Ireland

Field Accuracy Test of UAV Photogrammetry

Klaus-Dieter Kuhnert, L. Kuhnert

University of Siegen, Germany

Light weight sensor package for precision 3D measurement with micro UAVs

Arko Lucieer

University of Tasmania, Australia

Monitoring Antarctic mosses with a multi-sensor Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS)

Frank Niemeyer, R. Schima, G. Grenzdörffer

Rostock University, Germany

Relative and absolute calibration of a multihead camera system with oblique and nadir looking cameras for a UAS

He Hongyan, Zhou Nan, Yue Chunyu

Beijing Institute of Space Mechanics and Electricity, China

POS-supported Automatic Digital Surface Model (DSM) Generation

Stian Solbø, R. Storvold

Northern Research Institute Tromsø, Norway

Mapping Svalbard glaciers with the CryoWing UAS

Domantas Brucas, J. Suziedelyte-Visockiene, U. Ragauskas, E. Berteska, D. Rudinskas

Space Science and Technology Institute, Lithuania

Testing and Implementation of Low Cost UAV Platform for Orthophoto Imaging

Youness Dehbi

University of Bonn, Germany

Automatic reasoning for UAV supported reconstruction of 3D building models

UAS for Agriculture

Session chair: Görres Grenzdörffer

UAS Data fusion with Laserscanning

Session chair: Wolfgang Förstner

Guidance, Navigation and Control

Session chair: Jan Stumpf

Ferry Bachmann, Verena V. Hafner, Ruprecht Herbst, Robin Gebbers

Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany

Micro UAV based geo-referenced orthophoto generation in VIS+NIR for precision agriculture

Gianpaolo Conte, A. Kleiner, P. Rudol, K. Korwel, M. Wzorek, P. Doherty

Linköping University, Sweden

Performance evaluation of a light weight multi-echo LIDAR for unmanned rotorcraft applications

Pere Molina, I. Colomina, M. Remy, K.A.C. Macedo, Y.R.C. Zúnigo, E. Vaz, D. Luebeck, J. Moreira, M. Blázquez

Institute of Geomatics, Spain

Navigation and remote sensing payloads and methods of the SARVANT unmanned aerial system

Anette Eltner, C. Mulsow, H.-G. Maas

Dresden University of Technology, Germany

Quantitative Measurement of Soil Erosion from TLS and UAV data

Zhu Lingli, Anttoni Jaakkola, Juha Hyyppä

Finnish Geodetic Institute, Finland

Register UAV images to Mobile Laser Scanning for the use of 3D city modeling

Julien Li-Chee-Ming, Costas Armenakis

York University, Canada

Determination of UAS Trajectory from FPV Video

Juliane Bendig, M. Willkomm, N. Tilly, M. L. Gnyp, S. Bennertz, C. Qiang, Y. Miao, V. I. S. Lenz-Wiedemann, G. Bareth

University of Cologne, Germany

Very high resolution crop surface models (CSMs) from UAV-based stereo images for rice growth monitoring In Northeast China

Armin Gruen, Huang Xianfeng, Qin Rongjun, Joao Boavida, Adriano Oliveira

Artescan, Portugal

Joint Processing of UAV Imagery and Terrestrial Mobile Mapping System Data for Very High Resolution City Modeling

Lomme Devriendt, J. Bonne, N. Simoens, M. Thoss, S. Juerss

Orbit GeoSpatial Technologies, Belgium

UAV mapping with orbit GT and microdrones: a professional solution for 3D visualisation and mapping

Hans-Peter Thamm, G. Menz, M. Becker, D.N. Kuria, S. Missana, D. Kohn

Geo-Technic, Germany

The use of UAS for Assessing Agricultural Systems in an Inland Valley in Tansania in the Dry- and Wet-Season for Sustainable Agriculture and Providing Ground Truth for Terra-SAR X Data

Andreas Fritz, Teja Kattenborn, Barbara Koch

University of Freiburg, Germany

UAV-based photogrammetric point clouds - tree stem mapping in open stands in comparison to terrestrial laser scanner point clouds

Stephan Fick

div-GmbH, Germany

UAS for cadastral and environmental appli-cations from  a practitioners perspective

UAS for Cultural Heritage

Session chair: Ralf Bill

UAS derived  DSM and DEM

Session chair: Jingling Wang

Image and data fusion

Session chair: Francesco Nex

Zhe Li, Y. Li

Tian Jin University, China

Get Optimal Point Cloud of Eaves of Sino Ancient Buildings with Mini VTOL

J. J. Ruiz, L. Diaz-Mas, Francisco Perez, A. Viguria

Center for Advanced Aerospace Technologies, Spain

Evaluating the accuracy of DEM generation algorithms from UAV imagery

Daniel Stødle, Njål T. Borch, Rune Storvold

Northern Research Institute Tromsø, Norway

High-performance fusion of UAS sensor and image data with raster maps and topography in 3D

Görres Grenzdörffer

Rostock University, Germany

UAS-based automatic bird count of a common gull colony

Ansgar Greiwe, R. Gehrke, V. Spreckels, A. Schlienkamp

University of Applied Sciences Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Aspects Of DEM Generation From UAS Imagery

Wolfgang Rüther-Kindel, J. Brauchle

Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau, Germany

The Salsa Project high-end aerial 3D camera

Paolo Fallavollita, M. Balsi, S. Esposito, M. G. Melis, M. Milanese, Luca Zappino

Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

UAS for archaeology. New perspectives on aerial documentation

Janós Treuheit, K. Jütte

National Forestry Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Germany

Extraction of surface models from low-cost air pictures - A software comparison

Senthil Kumar, A.Mohamed Rasheed, R.Krishna Kumar, Mahesh Giridharan, Ganesh

Anna University, India

Dhaksha The Unmanned Aircraft System In Its New Avatar Automated Aerial Inspection Of India\'s Tallest Tower

Stefan Hautz, M. F. Buchroithner, D. A. McFarlane

Dresden University of Technology, Germany

Gomantong Caves: Combining two different sets of UAV data with subterraneous TLS data for a comprehensive 3D cave model

Matthias Naumann

Rostock University, Germany

Accuracy comparison of DSM created by UAS and terrestrial laser scanner

Christian Eschmann, C.-M. Kuo, C.-H. Kuo, C. Boller

Fraunhofer Institute for NDT (IZFP), Germany

High-Resolution Multisensor Infrastructure Inspection with Unmanned Aircraft Systems